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Filed Under (Family, nature, Townies Bike) by Travis on 14-08-2010

So we bought some bikes. They are Electra Townies and we love them. Jacki got an orange 7D Original and I got a 21D Original. The numbers in case anyone cares are for the gears. 7D is a 7 speed bike with derailer gears. They also make bikes with internal hub gears so there is a need for a distinction.

We are both trying to get into better shape. Jacki is doing the couch to 5k running program and riding her bike. I’m not that motivated and it kills my knees to run so I’m just doing the bike. We have played some tennis a couple of times in the last week and that really kicks our asses. Fun tho. :)

My bike. The Electra Townie 21D in black.
My Townie @ Black Hand
Notice the kicking dog backpack that got converted into panniers. :) Also the handlebar mount for my Droid phone. That way I can GPS track the rides and play music.

Jacki’s bike. The Electra Townie 7D in orange.
New Townie!
Haven’t gotten any extras for her bike yet. Hopefully we’ll get a basket for the front soon.

Too summarize. Bikes! WOOT!

More of me babbling, pictures and maps after the break….
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