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Filed Under (Family, nature, Townies Bike) by Travis on 14-08-2010

So we bought some bikes. They are Electra Townies and we love them. Jacki got an orange 7D Original and I got a 21D Original. The numbers in case anyone cares are for the gears. 7D is a 7 speed bike with derailer gears. They also make bikes with internal hub gears so there is a need for a distinction.

We are both trying to get into better shape. Jacki is doing the couch to 5k running program and riding her bike. I’m not that motivated and it kills my knees to run so I’m just doing the bike. We have played some tennis a couple of times in the last week and that really kicks our asses. Fun tho. :)

My bike. The Electra Townie 21D in black.
My Townie @ Black Hand
Notice the kicking dog backpack that got converted into panniers. :) Also the handlebar mount for my Droid phone. That way I can GPS track the rides and play music.

Jacki’s bike. The Electra Townie 7D in orange.
New Townie!
Haven’t gotten any extras for her bike yet. Hopefully we’ll get a basket for the front soon.

Too summarize. Bikes! WOOT!

More of me babbling, pictures and maps after the break….
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Filed Under (Homebrew, nature, Pets, What?) by Travis on 21-10-2009

Starting the day by taking Bela for her walkies we spotted this….

Ohio Lizard

It was only maybe an inch long, but still. I had no idea that there were lizards in Ohio. Let alone this late in the year. It is a nice day. About 67 out right now. Jacki got her giant quilt basted on the deck today. It looked like a major pain in the ass.

Here is the other reptile….

Beer Transfer

It’s a foam snake! Ok so it’s starsan (a sanitizer) foam coming out of the keg as the beer goes in. It just amused me that it followed the tubing up to the top of the carboy. Oh and that is a Rye Pale Ale going into keg there :)

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Filed Under (Family, kayak, nature, Pets) by Travis on 29-04-2009

MOON that spells kayak! Jacki seems to be having fun as I try to blag blog.

We went on our 4th trip in the kayak today. It’s an Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak. iz fun

There is us in the kayak. Picture taken by my Dad.

Check under the fold for more kayak stuff….
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Filed Under (geek, Homebrew, nature, RailRoad, yard) by Travis on 30-03-2009

Jacki and I were outside playing with some cameras and I was all like OMG my hops are coming up. Ok so maybe it wasn’t quite that valley girl, but it was close. Anyway here they are….

That is the big Fuggles plant that I have.

Jacki has been doing a ton of film developing in the last couple days so keep on eye on her blog and flickr for lots of fun pictures.
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Filed Under (camping, Family, nature, Pets, Vacation) by Travis on 12-10-2008

Still hanging out at the same campsite. We’ve been going a lot of places and having a lot of fun. Fiber and beer and hiking and swimming the dogs. Good times. I’m going to post a couple pictures and just give a running narrative that way since I’m no where near as verbose as Jacki. Oh and I’ve geotagged almost all my pictures. So if you click on one and go to it’s flickr page then you can click the map button from there and it will put it on a map for you. :) Actually click here for a map with the pictures on it.

This is the cool bunch of signs as you come out of the campground.


This is Parnell Tower. It’s about 60 feet tall and has an amazing view. I took a couple pictures of the Sheboygan Power Plant from up there. It’s 22 miles away and one picture is with the 10x optical zoom and the other is with that and the digital zoom maxed out. Neat that you can see that far.

With 10X…

With 10X plus bunch of digital…

Click here for more tower pictures and a quick video from the top.

More under the fold (Toby swims!)….

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Filed Under (camping, Family, geek, nature, Vacation) by Travis on 06-10-2008

We made it! Camp is set up for the most part. We are at Kettle Moraine State Forest – North Unit. We are thinking about staying here for the whole two weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

Toby and Bela seem to like it ok :)

A big thanks to Carly for taking care of Ellie while we are gone. We love you!

View from the campsite….


More pictures and maybe some video if I can get it uploaded before I run out of interest. All under the fold….
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Filed Under (Food, Friends, nature) by Travis on 09-04-2008

This post is a bit overdue, but I haven’t felt like blogging and damn it it’s not a job so I don’t have to. :) Anyway, Jacki and I were a Kroger get some baking supplies and while looking over the yeast selection were accosted by another couple infinitely more knowledgeable about baking than us. This was a interesting situation for us since we are normally not very social people. It was a fun talk and we actually (gasp) like the people. They ended up talking to some other friends of theirs that showed up and Jacki and I had a quick conference. We decided that I should give them one of my Moo cards with the invitation to hang out some time. This was a couple weeks ago I guess.

So we conversed via email and blog and ended up going over to their house for dinner on Sunday. We seem to be referring to them as Bread Friends :) Anyhow, they are Andy and Carly and they rock. We had a great time hanging out with them. Hopefully with my stupid schedule and them being busy we will actually be able to see them again one day….

On to the Cemetery pics. This is a panoramic that I cobbled together out of about 6 pictures.


And here are a few more. All are HDR and tonemapped…..

Also one giant hop rhizome. I found this on top of the dirt under a bunch of leaves when I was cleaning up around the hop mounds so I could fertilize. I went ahead and planted it at the edge of the woods so maybe I’ll get an extra plant this year.


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Filed Under (geek, nature, Pets, What?, yard) by Travis on 03-04-2008

Jacki took a bunch of pictures out in the yard with her nifty trick of shotting through the view finder of the old camera. This was a series of pictures that she got of Toby. I cut them out and made a little video out of them. Mostly just to see if I could. This could defiantly have gotten cleaned up and lined up better. I just didn’t care enough to spend the time to get it perfect.

Here it is as a animated gif….

Toby plays ball

For some reason this only works on Flickr is you got to the all sizes/original page.

Here it is as an actual video….

And here are the source pictures that I used.

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Filed Under (Homebrew, nature, yard) by Travis on 02-04-2008

My hops are starting to come up! I love my hops plants. Hopefully I’ll have 4 plants, 2 Fuggles and 2 Centennials, this year. I plotted out my little hop garden for 4 plants, but only 3 grew. So this year I dug up and split the Fuggles. I’m hoping to have 2 Fuggles plants this year. This thing was unbelievably hard to dig up and split. You would have thought you were digging up a giant oak tree or something. I couldn’t believe it. Anyway check out the pictures……

This is my big game hunter pose with my hop rhizome transplant.


Under the fold for more pictures…….or not……..
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Filed Under (Family, nature, RailRoad) by Travis on 01-04-2008

We kicked around at Franklin Park Conservatory for the morning of day 2. Not the best trip I’ve had to the conservatory. Lots of construction going on and the butterfly room had just opened so not very many were out. The weather was also bad raining and cold. It was still fun to have a day out with the family. The train thing and all the weird little buildings they had setup were lots of fun. Not a lot of good pictures. Just couldn’t seem to get any. Lots of kids running around in the way. So I’ll post a couple that I like and then fold and put a slide show under that for anyone who wants to see all the pictures.

This is just a door next to the gift shop.

conservatory door

I really like this little tree in front of one of those weird buildings.


And here is one of the trains….

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