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Filed Under (Family, nature, Townies Bike) by Travis on 14-08-2010

So we bought some bikes. They are Electra Townies and we love them. Jacki got an orange 7D Original and I got a 21D Original. The numbers in case anyone cares are for the gears. 7D is a 7 speed bike with derailer gears. They also make bikes with internal hub gears so there is a need for a distinction.

We are both trying to get into better shape. Jacki is doing the couch to 5k running program and riding her bike. I’m not that motivated and it kills my knees to run so I’m just doing the bike. We have played some tennis a couple of times in the last week and that really kicks our asses. Fun tho. :)

My bike. The Electra Townie 21D in black.
My Townie @ Black Hand
Notice the kicking dog backpack that got converted into panniers. :) Also the handlebar mount for my Droid phone. That way I can GPS track the rides and play music.

Jacki’s bike. The Electra Townie 7D in orange.
New Townie!
Haven’t gotten any extras for her bike yet. Hopefully we’ll get a basket for the front soon.

Too summarize. Bikes! WOOT!

More of me babbling, pictures and maps after the break….
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Filed Under (geek, Things I Made) by Travis on 24-03-2010

Working on improving the lighting for Jacki’s Slide Lamp. I got some PCBs a while back from here. They are made to run LED arrays. If you don’t want to run a ton of LEDs you can cut the board in half and use jumpers to fill empty holes. At least that’s what I did. We’ll see how it works in the long term.

Here is a board I did with half bright white and half soft white….

Leds lit up on the PCB

Not asleep yet? More after the jump….
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Filed Under (What?) by Travis on 17-02-2010

Or not so clever. Whatever. Here is the story. Jacki made some really cool Kodachrome Curtains. I even helped. Well, it went viral. The picture with the door in it as of right now has 21k views on flickr. Mostly nice comments. Some people concerned about losing the images on the slides and then there was Randy Garbin…..

Alright, so Randy Garbin is free to hate the curtains and what we did with the slides. I could really give a shit. He’s even free to bitch in the comments. I can’t believe Jacki didn’t block him a long time ago. Then there is the copyright infringement. Now you are just being a total dick. This post was made without Jacki’s permission to use the image which is clearly marked all rights reserved in flickr. Copyright infringement! Stay classy, Randy Garbin.


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Filed Under (Homebrew, nature, Pets, What?) by Travis on 21-10-2009

Starting the day by taking Bela for her walkies we spotted this….

Ohio Lizard

It was only maybe an inch long, but still. I had no idea that there were lizards in Ohio. Let alone this late in the year. It is a nice day. About 67 out right now. Jacki got her giant quilt basted on the deck today. It looked like a major pain in the ass.

Here is the other reptile….

Beer Transfer

It’s a foam snake! Ok so it’s starsan (a sanitizer) foam coming out of the keg as the beer goes in. It just amused me that it followed the tubing up to the top of the carboy. Oh and that is a Rye Pale Ale going into keg there :)

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Filed Under (Homebrew) by Travis on 15-10-2009

I actually did some brewing for the first time about a week ago. It’s been a really long time. Went pretty well considering how long it’s been. I ran two batches. A Rye Pale Ale and a Chocolate Cherry Stout. I’m going to oak the RPA and I still have to rack the stout onto cherrys, but so far so good. They are both hanging out in the fermenting freezer right now. It was really nice to do some brewing. I’ve also got to chase down a leak in my CO2 system for the keggerator. Oh ya and I bottled up 5 gallons of mead yesterday. That wasn’t much fun, but needed done. Mead seems ok. I’ll crack a bottle open in a couple years and see how it is then.

Brewday in progress…
Brewday in Progress

We are also going to see They Might Be Giants tonight in Cleavland. That will hopefully be fun.

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Filed Under (geek, Vacation) by Travis on 15-10-2009

I finally created a Twitter account. Maybe I’ll be better about using that than this blog.? Blog posts just always seem to take me a long time.

In other new vacation was good and stuff. Check out the flickrs if you care for pictures. I think we took about 60gig worth of digital pics. So we’ll probably be putting up pictures for a while :)

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Filed Under (camping, geek, Things I Made, Vacation) by Travis on 04-09-2009

I made a solar system for the camper. I started this really not knowing what I was doing. I got it all done and still probably don’t know much :) It’s kinda ugly, but works great. Ran the first big test yesterday and came no where near killing the battery. We ran stuff on it all day and the battery only dropped to 12.5 volts (dead is 10.5). Stuff we ran all day: stereo, mp3 player, RF transmitter, and LED christmas lights. For part of the day it was charging my phone and then I put on a table lamp with a CFL in it. I’ll post the full test at the bottom of the post. The battery is an Optima D34 deep cycle battery. That damn thing cost as much as the rest of the system put together, but it looks like it was worth it. The only thing Amongst the things that we wont be able to run are the electric space heaters, toaster oven and electric skillet. They just draw too much juice. Most of them use from 1000 to 1500 watts and I don’t have an inverter large enough to handle it. Anyway on the the pictures….

This is the battery, charge controller, inverter, and LED lights from before I installed it in the camper.


If your still interested more after the jump….
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Filed Under (Family, kayak, nature, Pets) by Travis on 29-04-2009

MOON that spells kayak! Jacki seems to be having fun as I try to blag blog.

We went on our 4th trip in the kayak today. It’s an Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak. iz fun

There is us in the kayak. Picture taken by my Dad.

Check under the fold for more kayak stuff….
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Filed Under (Vacation) by Travis on 19-04-2009

Update: I just thought I would give ya’ll a google earth view of some of the walking we have done over the past couple days. Some of it is Metro, but most of it’s walking. This is the GPS track from our new little GPS logger toy for geotagging photos. :) If you look close you can see that some of the track is paddleboat :0


Just hanging out at the hotel tonight. We’ve been here for a few days and have a couple days left. Fun vacation, but we are so sore we can’t move anymore. I can’t remember what it’s like for my feet not to throb. We have taken about 3 billion pictures. Too busy to mess with uploading right now. So here are the few we I have uploaded….

Random Bavarian (?) man was walking across the street and we were trying to get his picture when his son (or at least someone with him) told us to stand with him and he’d take our picture. So here you go….


Jacki and I by the FDR Memorial. That is the Tidal Basin behind us and then the Jefferson Memorial.


Just finishing things up with some creepy. At the FDR Memorial is a wall covered in this kind of stuff. I have no idea why. It’s defiantly creepy tho.


I’m sure Jacki will post a good accounting of our activities at some point….

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Filed Under (dyeing, Homebrew, Things I Made) by Travis on 04-04-2009

I saw this basic idea a while ago on a homebrew site or forum or something. I can’t remember where. Anyway we have had this stuck up in the attic for a while. I think we used to grow plants in it. It’s not the prettiest job of cutting the holes, but it works great. Check it out….

I cut three holes in the side and that seems to be enough airflow.

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