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March 2015
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I think everyone living in the eastern part of the US deserves some sort of winter survival badge for this year. Some sort of public recognition that, yes, this winter has sucked so terribly, and there was so much snow, and oh god why was it so cold, but you’re still here, you made it through, and good job! Maybe some sort of widespread dispersal of crocus and daffodil bulbs is in order.

But of course, as I write this, it is snowing outside, absurdly, for the 457th time this winter, it seems like.

It’s been rough. I holed up inside, as I always do whenever it gets ridiculously cold outside. The Olympics were on, and that was nice, and after the Olympics, we inexplicably started getting into watching rugby (which OMG is the best sport ever!). We had a really nice St. Patrick’s Day feast. One day we braved the weather and tried cross country skiing for the first time, and had a lot of fun doing that. I’ve done a lot of knitting and some sewing. But still… it would have been nice to have a *few* nice days this winter. A few days where the wind chill wasn’t -1200. A day or so in late January or early February where you could go outside and smell the air and feel the sun on your face and think that maybe, just maybe, there will be an end to all this.

Did I mention that it’s snowing right now?

We’re going to Puerto Rico in about a week. In the middle of February I lost all hope that we would ever see spring again, so we randomly bought plane tickets to somewhere warm. I’ve never been there before – heck, our last real vacation was almost two years ago, when we went to Iceland. I’m pretty excited. We have a lot of things planned – kayaking, snorkeling, hanggliding(!) – but I’m more just looking forward to being *warm*. Oh, and the Pork Highway. Really looking forward to the Pork Highway, too.

We’ve had some time to get settled in Indiana since moving back here last year. There are still things I can’t find, boxes that I can’t track down. I’ve never been the most organized. But our house is more or less the way we want it now. There are still things I’m getting rid of, books and such to Goodwill. I’m constantly trying to free up more room since I have so many hobbies, and so much stuff that the hobbies entail. Much yarn, many cameras, so fabric. Oh, and I’ve started painting too, which is a bit ridiculous.

I’ve been experimenting. It’s been fun.

So, even though I can hear the street department trucks outside salting the road because of the snow, I think maybe winter is almost over. Maybe once we get back from our trip it will be warm and sunny and 70 degrees here. And maybe once that happens, I’ll be able to do what I’ve really been in the mood to do lately, which is drag all my bins of fiber out onto my back deck and set up the hackle and drum carder, and go nuts making a bunch of roving and batts. I’ve done a little bit lately, but nothing the scale of what I’d really like to do.

Nevertheless, I’ve got a few new things up on Etsy, and a few more new things to be posted in the next day or so. It feels good to be making some new balls.

I’ve also got a bunch of handspun yard I’m destashing posted there, too.

And since self-promotion makes me so very uncomfortable, that’s all I’m going to say about that. :) It’s just nice to be back in a fibery mindset after taking a hiatus from it.

A few days ago I finally, after many, many years, finished this big stupid pink quilt. I mean, the quilt isn’t stupid. The quilt is fine. It has the average intelligence of a quilt. It’s me, I’m the one with issues. This quilt was one of the grand, shining examples of me starting something way too big for me to finish. I’ve been trying to get away from that, and I think I’ve gotten better about it with time. But when I pieced this quilt together, I wasn’t, and the quilt was gigantic. Big enough for a queen sized bed, including pillow tuck (like I’ve ever tucked a pillow in my entire life) and hanging over the edge and everything. So it was huge, and heavy, and I started stippling the middle of the quilt and realized that it was way too bulky for me to move around and sew with any type of skill. Or rather, I could do it, but it wasn’t any fun. And since I value my time too much, I set it aside, this big, heavy, Godzilla-like mass of pink fabric and safety pins. After a while, the cats started using it as a bed.

I was sick of looking at it. Finally, after *years*, I had had enough. I removed a cat from on top of it, brushed off the cat hair, threw it on my bed, and hacked two sides of it off. I removed almost 2 pounds of weight from the quilt. Then I finished the quilting, doing simple straight lines where I hadn’t stippled. It looks kind of dorky, but I don’t care, because at least it is DONE! Binding and all! Suck it, unfinished quilt! Vengeance has been mine!

I’m working on making a window shade from the excess bits I took off from the side. :)

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Been letting myself experiment with colorwork lately. I think I’ve loosened up now as compared to a few years ago, because when I tried making colorwork socks back then, my tension was off and I couldn’t get the sock past my ankle. Now, though, it seems like I’ve got that sorted. Anyway, this was just me screwing around with colorwork, seeing how the decreases would work and such.

I’m pretty happy with the result.

I ramped the difficulty level up with the current pair of socks I’m working on. I threw another color into the mix, which is no big deal, but also, randomly, decided to try translating Cat Bordhi’s Coriolis sock architecture into the foot. This was kind of tricky, since I’m knitting top down instead of toe up, like her patterns.

First sock came out pretty good. I hope it all makes sense when I get to the foot decreases of the second sock. That’s going to have to be knit differently to get an opposite swirl for the gusset.

The colorwork is pretty fun. I’m getting into it. I’m probably going to start dyeing some of my blank yarn into more solid-y colors so I have a big palette to work with.

In other news, Travis and I have started mining for dogecoin, since it’s absolutely surreal. I feel like I’m taking part in some sort of absurd art project directed at the world’s financial institutions. We eschew your traditional paper currency, and only support meme-based currency from now on!

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Fun with neon

I have been making so much stuff lately! It is awesome! I’m back into dyeing again, just a wee bit at a time, no stress, no drama, just a small batch of stuff every day or so. A reasonable amount. I have a lot of undyed, naked weirdness hanging around my craft room, and I’m finally adding some color to things. The above was all dyed in one bowl – a small skein of sock yarn, a small 50 gram skein of some commercial thick and thin yarn (Madil, I think), and a piece of wool fabric. And it all came out obnoxiously wonderful and bright.

I’ve also been knitting socks like mad. Here is one (of two!) Jelly Bean socks I knitted from a pattern in the book 99 Yarns and Counting (which I bought mainly because I looked at a title and kept thinking things like ‘I’ve got 99 yarns and a stitch ain’t one…’):

Jelly Bean 1

Started on another sock, a top-down version of the Sunrise sock pattern in Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways book. The first sock came out a little janky, but that’s because I’m knitting and watching Danish TV shows and concentrating more on the subtitles than the pattern. OH MY GOD, I’ve watched so much Danish TV in the past few months. I’m actually starting to pick up a few words here and there, so now I feel all bilingual and such.

Dirty Sunrise

I’ve also been working on raw fleeces off and on, too. The weather turned crappy, so I’ve stalled on that a bit, but I was able to get some fleece washed, a bit of it dyed, and then I busted out the drum carder for the first time in forever and carded up some lumpy rustic batts. I then proceeded to spin a lumpy rustic yarn:

Back to the Garden detail

So lumpy! So rustic!

In cat news, BOC is adjusting. She’s only tried to escape once or twice, and that’s when we first brought her inside. She is slowly learning how to be an inside cat. Today she figured out that the laser pointer is something of interest and should possibly be killed. However, we are having a few problems related to food. Specifically, she wants to eat all the food, all the time. I know that comes from being an outside cat and fending for herself for so long, but it’s not cool when she eats all the food meant for Ellie, the other cat (and also food for us, like Travis’ roll from the Mexican bakery that she nommed last night). I’m trying to leave some kitten food out for BOC so she figures out that the food isn’t going away, and that she doesn’t need to eat like it’ll never come back, but I also don’t want her to gain a ton of weight and become unhealthy, since I know she’s getting a lot less exercise. It’s a conundrum. Ellie, on the other hand, has lost a few extra pounds this summer and has been running around like a crazy cat lately, which is nice to see.

And oh hey, Travis and I started rock climbing again! That’s been a blast, even though I don’t have any arm muscles and can only do ridiculously easy moves. Someday. Someday I’ll have arm muscles. Someday.

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No spay Monday


So, we took BOC in to get her spayed today. An hour after we dropped her off, we get a call from the vet, telling us that, oh hey, guess what, she’s already been spayed! My reaction is: ‘Oh shit – did I steal somebody’s cat?!’ They assured me that it most likely wasn’t the case. I guess the Humane Society around here does a lot of catch and release spaying of stray cats. BOC had already been drugged before the vet found the old spay scar, so now she’s back home now, but still groggy and grumpy, poor thing. Hopefully she’ll perk back up tomorrow and doesn’t dwell on the fact that we had her roofied for no reason.

Travis and I spent the weekend doing a bunch of home improvement stuff to our place. The main thing we got done was putting up shelving in our mud room/laundry room, so instead of looking like someone just puked up a bunch of craft and photography supplies, it’s actually semi-organized with room to work back there now. I’m pretty excited, and for the first time, am really looking forward to getting the dyes out and playing again.

I have been spinning a ton, though, already.


I never stopped knitting over the past year or so, I’m always knitting, but I think it was good for me to take a break from the spinning and dyeing and such. I get too obsessive about things, and then burn out, it’s how I am. I’m recharged now, and have spent the last few days looking over books and making notes of techniques I want to try or revisit. So much fun!

Easter bugs

I’ve completed another pair of standard basic socks…

Sock up close

…and am halfway through another pair.

Tennis Fuzz

But I think after I get done with that one, I’m going to go back to book and try out some different stuff. I’ve never been comfortable with toe up socks, for instance, which has prevented me from delving too deeply into Cat Bordhi’s sock book, but I think it’s time to remedy that.

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McCormick's Creek

Lots of stuff happened in the past 3 weeks or so. Travis and I kind of had a vacation, but it wasn’t one of our big, multi-week ones like we’re normally able to do. Instead, we just camped at a few different places in Indiana (hooray for Indiana state parks!) and did some weird stuff. We went to a casino in Michigan and ziplined in Kentucky. Inside a massive fallout shelter. Yes, this is a thing. It’s the Mega Cavern! We saw a billboard for it when we were driving to Brown County State Park, and were like, “Wait… what? Underground zip lining? What?” So we went down to Louisville and had the whole Mega experience.

Mega Cavern

The place is gigantic. We did the Mega Ropes Course thing first, and then the next day did the Mega Zip Line (no pictures, because, well, underground and dark), and then did the Mega Tour which taught you all about the history of the Mega Cavern and, oddly, vermiculture. Mmmm. Worms. The Mega Tour took you to see things like this, their idea of what the fallout shelter would have looked like in action:

Welcome to Vault 74

This place is truly weird. We loved it. It’s worth a trip to Louisville if you’re ever in that area. So mega!

Camping was nice, as it always is this time of year. We went to Brown County and McCormick’s Creek State Parks.


Rest stop

Bela looked like she had a good time.


While we were camping and traveling, I got obsessed with knitting some new floppy hats. I used some silkyish seacelly handspun and knit on too big needles to make them flop.


Also have been spinning like mad. Even Travis has gotten back into spinning again, which is cool. I’ve got 6 fat skeins I’m going to block tomorrow, including this pair of navajo plied yarn. I’ve been into the navajo plied stuff recently, maybe because it’s been so long since I’ve done it.

Navajo Plied

Took my weaving class, which was nice. Learned about weaving with pick up sticks, something I had never tried before. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually be using the pick up sticks, since they were a little fiddly to use on my loom, but I could see experimenting with some simple patterns. I’m just not the type to do anything overly complex with the knitting or spinning (or sewing, for that matter). I don’t have the patience to work with long patterns, but things in multiples of 2 or 4 seem doable.


On the homefront, after a series of boneheadedness (not on our side), our house is finally, officially sold. Yay! See ya, Ohio! With that done, we’ve decided to go ahead with inviting BOC, the (Black Outside) Cat who has been hanging around our rental here in Lafayette, inside. Now that she’s in, of course, she wants back out, and has commenced a series of high pitched, sad, desperate little mrrs to let us know that she thinks she’s in kitty jail. That is, when she’s not cuddled up on the couch on top of us, kneading us with her kitty paws.

BOC is the world's most miserable cat

Her life is seriously so hard.

However, we have an appointment to get her spayed on Monday, which is going to suck horribly for her. But, it doesn’t do anyone any good to have a non-neutered stray animal running around. So, after the spay is done and she’s recovered, she can make the decision if she wants to be an inside cat or not. She needs to commit one way or the other, though. I can’t cope with a half inside, half outside cat. One thing at a time, though – if I can make it to Monday without her escaping, that’ll count as a big win.

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Coopworth fleece and cat

Hey, guess what! My 5 year old nasty gross sticky fleece hasn’t gone weird! I started washing it a few days ago, and it cleans up just fine. So, yay for not wasting a bunch of money on fleece that I let get trashed. I’m pretty excited about this because I have about 5 or 6 more big bags of misc. fleece that I haven’t done anything with also. I’m just going to slowly work my way through washing it all. This first batch of stuff is Coopworth, which I’m planning on using in a weaving project that use big tufts of fleecy locks. The Coopworth fiber length is pretty long, like around 7″ or so, so it should be great for this.

I’m all into weaving right now. I think it’s because I haven’t done any of it for such a long time, it all seems new to me. As a result, I’ve been making some pretty stupid mistakes, for example, I wove this small rug:

Little rug

It turned out to be bathmat sized, but I wanted it to be longer. It wasn’t because I used some very fluffy single ply soft spun wool for the warp. Why? Because it was the color I wanted. Totally forgot that soft single ply yarns normally can’t stand up to being the warp because of how much wear and tear beating the loom puts on the fibers. Anyway, the edge warp yarns eventually began to disintegrate, and I aborted the rug prematurely. It’s still a cute little size, though, and very fluffy, so it’s not like the project was a total loss.

New wee rug

I moved my spinning wheel down to the living room so I can watch TV and spin at the same time. I normally knit during mindless TV watching, but I’ve started watching the Danish TV show ‘Borgen,’ and that has subtitles. It’s hard for me to knit and read subtitles at the same time, but I spin pretty much by touch, so I guess spinning is going to be my default hobby when watching foreign language TV. Anyway, here’s what I’m working on right now:

New spinning

It’s some roving I dyed last month. I think it might be BFL, but am not sure. I should probably keep better track of that kind of stuff. I think I just tend to put wool into two categories: Is it superwash, or not? That’s all that is really important to me.

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New rug! Also, cat.

I wove a rug using that big-ass skein of natural colored handspun I spun in June. The rug is, admittedly, not the best thing I’ve ever woven. It was the first thing I’ve woven since the move, so we had to figure out a new warping solution for this house. Then I ran out of one color of yarn for my warp, so I had to substitute, then I warped too much yarn – it was just kind of a disaster. My tension was all ganked up, so the rug actually kind of has a bend, or curve, on one side. It’s weird. Whatever. It was just nice to be weaving something again, finally. I’ll just stick the one bendy edge under a bed or something.

Since this rug wasn’t coming out great or anything anyway, I decided to experiment with sewing a rolled hem, since I’m pretty much over fringe.

Rolled Hem

It’s sloppy if you look close, but since I used the same yarn that was in the warp, you can’t even see it. So, a success!

I don’t know. All I’ve got are a bunch of pictures of the skinny outside cat hanging out on the rug. She loved it.

Happy cat


Happy claws

I signed up for a weaving class at Ye Olde Local Yarn Shoppe, so I’m looking forward to that. I’ve got some random things I want to try out on my loom now that I’m back into weaving again. There’s a technique in one of my weaving books where you wrap washed fleece locks around your warp yarns and make a big fuzzy shaggy rug. It turns out looking like a complete sheepy mess, which seems like fun, and god knows, I certainly have a ton of fleece I need to use up, if it’s even still good. Does fleece ever go weird? I’m kind of afraid to open the bags. It’s been years since I’ve bought it. It doesn’t look buggy or anything. I figure all I can do is open up a bag (outside, where I can run away from any fleece monsters lurking inside of the bag) and then try to wash the hell out of it. Maybe it’ll be okay. If not, I’ve certainly wasted money on stupider things in my life.

Oh, for any other central Indiana peeps out there, be aware – a Piada location has opened up in Carmel. Piada is a fantastic little Italian street food restaurant that started in Columbus, Ohio a year or so back. You order your food kind of how you do at Chipotle, except it’s Italian, not burritos. Anyway, Piada is amazing. The food is so good. So. Freaking. Good! Get yourself a big salad bowl and some piada sticks (mmm, pepperoni piada sticks…) and some cannoli chips for dessert. I see Piada is also starting to expand to the Cleveland area and into Michigan. I want them to take over the world! Best of luck to them and Jeni’s Ice Cream, another central Ohio based gourmet foodstravaganza which is also starting to take over the world.

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Have you ever seen a happier pair of socks?

New socks

So bright. So happy.

Hooray, color!

Started on another pair using another skein of yarn I dyed a while ago and fell in love with.

New sock!

The picture is a little washed out. It looks better in reality. Hey, maybe if I get through using up all the kick ass yarn I’ve dyed, I’ll be motivated to start dyeing yarn again? (immediately cracks up from the thought of getting through all the yarn I’ve dyed – there’s SO MUCH.)

You can see Bela just chilling on the deck behind the yarn. We have this great second story deck on our house. We’re out there all the time, eating, knitting, reading, playing games, watching the random neighborhood weirdos wander around the alley… Anyway, the deck is pretty sweet.

The stray black outside cat (BOC) hangs out with us all the time, too. She loves Bela so much. Bela is tolerant, to a point.

Bela and BOC

About 2 minutes after that picture was taken, Bela went all psycho ‘Get out of my face you stupid cat!’ at BOC, who had hurt feelings. She doesn’t hold a grudge, though.

In other news, I’ve been trying to finish quilting this quilt that has been hanging around my life for about 4 years now. I don’t even live in the house it was designed to go in anymore! I don’t have a pink room with stripes in it that matches! My bedroom is now painted like the beach! Oh well. It’s gigantor and heavy; I’ve begun referring to it in my mind as Moby Dick. I started quilting it using this overlapping stipple motion in the center of it, but I realized that if I ever want to finish the damn thing, that I just need to quilt straight lines instead. It’s going to turn out looking kind of stupid, but whatever. The good thing about quilts is that no matter how stupid they look, they’re still a functional item. It will still keep you warm. So, no worries. I’ve been quilting on it for about an hour a day, which is enough time to let me see that I’m making some progress, but not enough time to really make my back ache from supporting the weight of the damn thing. Moby Dick. I’m telling you, it’s a whale.

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Wander Indiana

Bryant Creek Lake

Travis and I have been so busy since we moved back to Indiana! It’s been nuts! Actually, it’s been really nice to be able to see family without it being a major production/epic journey (seriously, have you driven US 30? It’s soul crushing). So we’ve been able to do family stuff, and have also gotten unpacked for the most part. My photography stuff is still a disaster since I have so. much. crap. – cameras, film, photo paper, chems, equipment, etc. But besides that, everything more or less has a home. I’ve got the sewing machine set up and have been making curtains left and right, using up some of my fabric stash, which is nice. We went to Ikea a few weeks back, and discovered what surely must be the missing 10th circle of hell, but got a bunch of new furniture that we love. For the first time, the majority of the furniture in our house is stuff we picked out, and actually reflects our tastes. Turns out we’re into squares. Modern, crisp squares.

So it feels like we’ve been busy non stop since May (before that, even, since we had to pack and get our old house ready to be sold, etc). We were both starting to burn out pretty seriously. The other week there was the heat wave and we just forted up in the house and put together a big Lego set, which was pretty zen, but with this week’s beautiful weather, we really wanted to take advantage of it, so we went camping this weekend for the first time in forever.

Tent dog

Last year we downsized from our shitty camper to an awesome REI tent. Having a camper in theory is nice, and if our camper had actually been assembled correctly and we had a dealership that would, you know, do repairs, that would have been great, but it just got too big too much of a pain in the butt for us to want to continue to own. Besides, I really love the mobility that tent camping gives you – you’re not locked into looking for spots that are big enough for a truck and a camper. A lot of spots that are designed for camper camping, frankly, are hideous. Most camper sites have electricity, and because of that, the camper spots are, many times, smaller and locked into rows with not very much privacy between them. Anyway, I wanted to get back to more spontaneous camping in random National Forest campgrounds, stuff like that – go places that are really neat and isolated, and that we maybe could not have gotten the camper into.

Tent at night

What’s nice is that the way Travis works now, he actually has scheduled days off – 2 of them a week! – so we can actually be all, “Hey, the weather looks nice this weekend. Let’s go camping!” and actually do it and not have it be a big deal. That’s so foreign to us. What else is foreign is actually living in a place that has a great state park system. Ohio’s was horrible. We went camping last fall to try out the new tent, and it wasn’t like, “Oh boy! Where can we go camping?!” It was more like, “Okay. We want to go camping. Where can we go that doesn’t suck?” The state park we wound up going look like it hadn’t been maintained in months, to the point where we couldn’t even hike since the trail was so overgrown.

Rock Shelter

Not so much in Indiana. Indiana’s DNR rocks, and I think everyone who is into camping around here knows it, because all of the state parks we wanted to camp at this weekend were pretty much booked solid. So we decided to try out Morgan Monroe State Forest, about 2 hours south of us. State forest lands normally don’t have as many amenities as state parks, but we didn’t care about that, as long as we had a decent place to camp. We lucked into getting the best spot in the campground and having a relaxing two day break, complete with fun hiking and tasty campfire food.

Cast Iron Pizza

We did have a few moments of Derp, though. Like how we forgot our whole bag of clothes at home, and had to go to Walmart to buy emergency camping clothes… which would have been easier to do had Travis not also forgotten his wallet at home, too (luckily, I had mine with us, but no cash to pay for the campsite, so we had to set our tent up at the campsite, drive to Walmart, buy some clothes on the debit card, get cash back, and then run back to camp to pay for the campsite. Bela was not amused). Hopefully next time we’ll have our act a little more together. We did remember the important stuff, though, like my unicycle:


Yep. Travis got me a unicycle for my birthday since I’ve been talking about learning how to ride one for the past year. I figured it would be a fun way to improve my balance, which isn’t great. The unicycle has an insanely steep learning curve. After practicing on it for about an hour and a half straight, I can pedal about 6 or 7 feet before falling off. Sometimes. If I don’t fall off immediately, which is most times. So, I’ve been falling off a lot, and I sort of instinctively learned to grip my thighs together when doing so so that the unicycle doesn’t go flying. I did not realize that that was causing hideous bruising along my inner thighs, in addition to the miscellaneous other bruises on my legs and arms from general falling off. I am bruised to the point where, on wearing shorts, I would not be at all surprised if a social worker would see me, take me aside, and ask if I’ve been having problems at home. And then I’ll have to reply with all the swagger I can muster, “Nope! I’m learning how to ride a UNICYCLE!” Yeah. That’s my life now.

In progress

I did take knitting with me. It’s some superwash wool I dyed a few years ago and fell in love with, and therefore promptly did absolutely nothing with. I’m trying to get away from this whole “I love this yarn/fabric/fiber/film/etc, so I’m going to wait until I have the absolute perfect reason to use it before I get into it.” Screw that. All that gets me is a huge stash of awesome stuff that has taken on this mythic sense of importance, and then I’m too intimidated to use it. I can always dye more yarn that will be fantastic, I can always find supplies I’m going to fall in love with, so why not start using it? I’m sick of hoarding crap.

Anyway, the sock is turning out nicely. I’ll get a better pic once I have the first sock done. Funny thing, it was dusk and I was sitting in a camp chair by the fire knitting. I had accidentally started knitting the sock from the outside of the ball instead of the inside, so every once in a while I need to unwrap it. So, I’m just sitting there knitting, and suddenly I see this motion down the hill from me, like an animal just dropped from a tree and then curled up in a defensive position. It happened so fast, I was stunned and just pointed at it, asking Travis, “The hell was that?!” He got the camera out and waited for it to move, and when it didn’t, he went closer to it to see what it was.

“It’s your ball of yarn, dumbass.”

Oh. Nevermind.

Blurry campfire

Anyway, camping! Indiana! I’m excited!

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Uber Bobbin

Yeah, it’s a biggun. Over 500 yards. Haven’t done this in a while, so it sort of felt like I spent a few lifetimes today plying it. I also got a bunch of other misc. unfinished yarns off my bobbins. This was all stuff that had been on the bobbins for forever, and has since lost any twist. Hooray for single plies?

Bobbin cleaning time

I’ve gotten a bit more organized in the past week, and so can now find other fiber than just the Sheep Shed stuff. So I may start on a new yarn, or I may try weaving a rug with the Sheep Shed 2 ply. I’m a little concerned that it isn’t as thick as a rug yarn needs to be, and may wear out quickly, but I guess I can always repurpose it into something else, like a curtain or tablecloth or something. I’m not even sure where I can set the loom up to be warped at this point. Things are still kind of in flux here, with only about half the furniture that we really should have (Whither Ikea?).

In other news, here is a picture of the very nice stray cat who seems to have adopted us. I call her Skinny Black Cat.

Skinny Black Cat takes a nap

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